Mumbai / 13-14 April

Cabinet of Curiosities : Red Earth Design Mela

Sat 13 – Sun 14 April, 2019
11 am to 7 pm

Coomaraswamy Hall
Museum, Kala Ghoda

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Originating in 16th c. Renaissance Europe, Cabinet of Curiosities, also known as ‘wonder rooms’ were small collections of extraordinary objects.

In this special curated edition of Red Earth’s famed Design Mela; we re-create the notion of the Cabinet by programming highly ‘curious’ art, design, objects, and textiles, akin to the ethos of the Wonder Room.




  1. Aadhi Vishal
  2. Ajay Dhandre
  3. Jayant Gupta
  4. Madhuri Kathe
  5. Nandan Ghiya
  6. Olivia Fraser
  7. Ruchi Bakshi Sharma
  8. Sandeep Paradkar
  9. Smriti Dixit
  10. Swapnil Saxena
  11. Yunus Khimani




  1. Ambi by Sujata Pai: Concept sarees & tunics
  2. Indian Colours: Contemporary art inspired accessories
  3. Chetna Bagga: Summer pastel hues
  4. Filgiri: traditional textiles x contemporary apparel
  5. Handlooms World: Regal drapes from Maheshwar
  6. Ka-Sha India: Concept sustainable accessories & assorted collections
  7. Naina Arunima: Block printed apparel & sarees
  8. Pabiben: Rustic accessories from Kutch
  9. Plushpalette: Arty-prints  silhouettes
  10. Prathaa: Celebrating exclusive weaves
  11. Studio Tara by Bharathi: Concept jewellery collections
  12. Tuni Textiles: Abstract art x sarees
  13. Vilayaa: Crafted for the gypsy at heart